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Track Listing: 

  1. Here We Go
  2. Circus
  3. One Night in Beijing
  4. 算了吧 [Suan Le Ba / Forget It]
  5. 志明与春娇 [Zhi Ming Yu Chun Jiao / Peter and Mary]
  6. 王妃 [Wang Fei / Princess]
  7. 散场的拥抱 [San Chang De Yong Bao / The Last Embrace]
  8. Moves Like Jagger
  9. Oh Yeah
  10. 那些年 [Na Xie Nian / Those Years]
  11. Here We Go (Club Mix)

The members of MICappella (the season 1 runner-ups for The Sing-Off China) have finally released their first post-TSO album. I bought a physical copy and have been listening to it on repeat for the past few days.

This is an album that should appeal to both TSO China fans and a cappella fans in general. The arranging, the singing, and the production are all top-notch. The two original tracks (“Here We Go” and “Suan Le Ba”) are both very catchy and radio-friendly and will hopefully get some nice airplay.

My favorite tracks are probably:

  • Circus: I’ve loved this arrangement ever since they performed it live on TSO China. The execution here is fantastic, especially the vocal percussion.
  • One Night in Beijing: I’m a sucker for that awesome Peking opera part.
  • 算了吧 [Suan Le Ba / Forget It]: This is an original song, and it keeps getting stuck in my head. Props to Peter and his collaborators Tat Tong and 张乐声 for the great songwriting!
  • 那些年 [Na Xie Nian / Those Years]: This is probably my favorite. I love how everyone gets a chance to solo in this song and how the arranging, the singing, the mixing, etc. really capture the meaning and emotion behind the melody and lyrics.

So… I highly recommend this album to all of you.

Digital copies are available via: iTunes, Amazon | Physical copies are available via: Sense Music Store

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